drawings drawings02


Photographie and Video
素材:Photo: on Baryt Paper, Video: 5 min loop
サイズ:100 x 70 cm each
The ruins of the East German era stands in Berlin. Only curtains are left behind in the empty building. They are swaying in the wind blown from a broken window, and this architecture is standing as if dead also seems to be slightly breathing. It tells us that time is flowing here as well as going back and forth between inside and outside, tangled and caught, changing its shape on a daily basis. The exhibition work "drawing" is a series of images capturing the form of the time the wind draws, by photography as my dairy drawing since 2016.


Die Vorhänge schwingen in einer Ruine aus der DDR. Sie geben dem Stillleben Zeit. Jedes Mal ändern sie die Form und zeigen mir, dass die Zeit läuft.