Re-Landscape, Memory and Nostalgia_01

Re-Landscape, Memory and Nostalgia

Portbou Station, Spain / Kunsthalle am Hamburger Platz, Berlin
Video installation 150 min loop
素材:Projector, Media Player, Headphone, Curtain Fabric, Metal Pole
サイズ:90x120 cm
This installation piece encapsulates my journey to Portbou, in search for the last memory of Walter Benjamin.

I have referenced "Berlin Childhood around Nineteen Hundred” by Walter Benjamin and Lisa Fittko’s “Escape through the Pyrenees, memories of 1940-41” at the beginning of my research. I visited Portbou to learn further about Benjamin and have noticed the landscape and the color of ocean from what was described in the books still existed in this land. The seemingly unchanged scenery has taught me that an unchangeable past is embedded into the landscape and thus connects us through its presence directly. The grey image of Benjamin’s history became more colorful in my mind through revisiting the landscape where he actually existed. From this experience, I created a piece that tries put some light and color to the memory and nostalgia of Benjamin.

Through this piece, I hope to inspire one to take a moment to reflect how it feels to be exiled, be it in the past or present.