Online Group Exhibition “SOFA SO GOOD” by NOVA art space, Weimar



18.01. – 22.01.2021

an online group show on , exploring the sofa as a state of mind

Featuring 15 artists and 15 sofas, a lecture, a DJ set, an artist talk, a performance, and a film screening.

Artworks by Laura Aberham, Duygu Aydoğan, Hannah Sophie Dunkelberg, Marcus Glahn, Jenna Gribbon, Kanako Ishii, Verena Issel, Madita Kloss, Vera Kox, Li-Wen Kuo, John Russell, Fette Sans, Selma Selman, Ulrike Theusner, Jan Tichy

Live program at 20:21 CET each:
Mon 18.1. — artist talk with Jan Tichy
Tue 19.1. — performance by Fette Sans
Wed 20.1. — DJ set by VVEBER + LEMMA
Thu 21.1. — lecture by Boris Buden
Fri 22.1. — film screening by John Russell

Curation by Bela Moritz, Felicitas Packeiser, Helin Özdemir, Katharina Wendler, Rio Usui, Sahrah Lucia Feyerabend

Graphics by Bela Moritz

Group Exhibition “Framed Process” at FRAMED, Berlin

Framed Exhibition


Framed Process – The Exhibition

Daniel M Thurau, Kanako Ishii, Moran Sanderovich, Samira Hodaei

Simplonstraße 29, 10245 Berlin

Almost a year ago, during the first lockdown, we launched Framed Process. Berlin-based artists were granted a month-long stipend for the creation of a new project without leaving the confinement of their homes.

“Framed Process – The Exhibition” features works by four of the artists who participated in the project throughout the year.

It aims at capturing something of the gravity of that moment. For a while, the veil hiding and protecting us from the bare, fragile, and sometimes brutal reality of things, was perforated. With our carefully woven constructions of habit and confidence shaken, we got a glimpse of the elaborate systems we built and in which we are caught.

The artworks on view, in different mediums (Painting, Sculpture, and Video) bare the sign of immense meditation and attentive listening as well as those of anxious vulnerability and despair.